La Loma

Esporles, Mallorca

DESIGN: In collaboration with Last Interior Design.

BRIEF: Made for a luxury renovation project, the kitchen at La Loma reflects the style which runs through the villa. The inside/outside kitchen design allows for easy year-round entertaining, with appliances, food prep, cooking and sink areas on both sides of the deep external drystone walls.

CABINETRY: Simple modern in-frame Shaker cabinetry runs from inside the villa through to the covered terrace area beyond.

FITTINGS: Metal meets honed timber; smooth tiled surfaces meet drystone walls and traditional cabinetry meets modern styling. Timber shelving sits on matt black metal bespoke hanging frames, housing artisan crockery and cooking essentials.

ESPORLES 0610 lo res
Casa La Loma18
Casa La Loma19

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