About Us

Barr Kitchens was established in 2014, from the belief that kitchen spaces could be truly unique; designed for the individual without constraints. Since then the offering has developed organically, to become a complete project managed service, tailored to the lifestyle and wider build requirements of our clients.

Our Team
We believe in the power of strong working relationships, between our clients, our teams and our collaborators.

Chris Leigh-Cattrall

Barr Joinery & Barr Kitchens Director

Stuart Barr

Founder & Director of The Barr Group

Sam Kerwin

Designer & Project Manager

Lucy White

General Manager

Whether the project is architect, designer or client-led, a shared vision stays front and centre of every kitchen. We work collaboratively throughout each project to achieve excellence with the ultimate goal of true client satisfaction.

Our Culture
Values of attention to detail and excellence of workmanship, as well as a passion for 'doing things differently' have been cornerstones of the company’s growth and are applied to every project, whatever the size or scope.
1/4 Nurturing Talent

Our workforce is the lifeblood of our organisation. Through training and promoting from within and a thriving apprenticeship scheme, Barr Group values and standards are passed on from one skilled crafts-person to the next.

2/4 Working Together

At Barr Kitchens our clients and design collaborators are an integral part of the project team. We believe that it is only through a true meeting of minds and a shared vision that we create truly exceptional spaces. Mulberry Cottage link.

3/4 Doing Things Differently

"We do not manufacture standard boxes”; a quote from Stuart Barr from over a decade ago, and one which remains central to the Barr Kitchens’ ethos today. We believe that kitchen spaces can and should be truly unique; each one designed for the individual without constraints.

4/4 Making A difference

We have been privileged to be involved with some amazing community projects, both here in Oxfordshire and overseas.