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what to expect

The Design Process:

  • The design process always starts with an introductory briefing meeting in which designer and client discuss the detailed requirements for the individual kitchen space – both functional and aesthetic.
  • Within two weeks you will be invited back to the showroom where your BarrKitchens designer presents the initial design ideas in layout and 3D render form, as well as explaining a detailed quotation covering all elements of the project.
  • It is at this stage, if a decision has been taken to proceed, that you would be asked for a commissioning deposit. Once the project is ‘live’, you could expect timelines of 9-12 weeks to final fit and finish. 
  • From here a detailed site measure starts the technical design process. In a collaborative approach designer and client will liaise throughout, to ensure every element is perfected down to the last door handle and fixing.


Manufacture, Fit and Finish:

  • Each BarrKitchen is built from scratch, to precise production drawings, leaving the workshop carefully checked.
  • On site, our team of expert fitters ensure the perfect fit, making any final alterations to the cabinetry if required.
  • Similarly, all appliances, work tops, tap fittings and additional features are fitted, aligned and duly checked.
  • Where required BarrKitchens’ decorators meticulously hand paint the cabinetry with the chosen paint. Alternatively, contemporary kitchens are sprayed for a flawless finish, waxed, varnished or even ‘distressed’, depending on the individual materials choices and resultant finish required.
  • Only after any final ‘snagging’ has been addressed will final sign off of the commission take place.


“The BarrKitchens teamwork to exacting standards and believe that communication is the key to every project. From initial sketches to fully rendered 3D forms, you will be able to visualise your kitchen before it is built, enabling the BarrKitchens designers to hone down, both aesthetically and functionally, to the last draw handle and fixing. The team offers expert design advice and sourcing for all aspects of your kitchen, to achieve the perfect balance of materials, appliances and spatial orientation.”