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9th Oct 2018

Working with the experts, lighting by John Cullen

When BarrJoinery, alongside BarrKitchens, set about deciding on the lighting scheme for our Decorex set this year, working with John Cullen seemed the only choice. With over 35 years of experience and a unique portfolio, where they continually show how lighting can elevate a space from a Garden at Chelsea Flower Show to a rural French chalet, these are the go-to experts where lighting is concerned. 

Creative Director Sally Storey, who very kindly visited us on the stand, was brought in to design the first Chelsea showroom in 1983. Her architectural background along with her design flair and vision can still be seen throughout the company today.

Decorex Front on full image with pantry

The first step was to meet our designer, Sian Parsons, one of the senior lighting designers at John Cullen, for an in-depth discussion of the scheme with our senior cabinetry designer and senior interior designer. So our visions all aligned we went about setting the scene for Sian. A masculine space where shadows and darkness are just as important as the light, using the idea of light and dark to really highlight the cabinetry and distinguish the distinct zones of the set. 

Decorex Kitchen View through slats  Decorex Pantry Mesh

Once key areas had been highlighted and lights carefully distributed about the set the next big decision was on the temperature of the light. The choice was between the warm HD24 and the slightly cooler, although still on the warm side, HD27. In an exhibition environment, where you need to almost cut through the bright ambient light of the rest of the exhibition space, Sian recommended we go cooler than we normally would. So for this reason (after much debate), we went for the cooler HD24. This also gives a truer representation of the hues and finishes we wanted to show off. For residential purposes we would recommend the warmer HD24, that really brings out the natural timber finishes beautifully, but would look washed out in a show environment. 

Decorex Pantry Door Open Decorex Pantry and Oak Shelf

The stylish and discreet ‘Vorsa’ lights in matt black blended with the black ceiling so your eye is drawn to the item being lit rather than the fitting themselves. This is one of the wonderful appeals of working with John Cullen, their designs bring out the best in what you are lighting; you would be forgiven for not even noticing the fittings. 

Decorex just the kitchen run

To achieve this ‘floating shelf’ effect, the contour HD27 LED Strip was fitted underneath a shelf, cleanly lighting the Caesarstone Quartz splashback below. The John Cullen LEDs with a 16mm profile achieve a stunning linear effect, unlike others of similar design where you see the individual dotted LEDs ruining the effect.

Decorex Floating Shelf

Over 18 metres of warm white LED was used alongside 17 individual lights of three different light profiles, all serving their individual purpose from linear uplighting to carefully spaced spotlights. Lighting anything from the interior pantry space to eyelid shaped spots to illuminate display shelves. We were overjoyed with how the lighting came together and John Cullen couldn’t have been more helpful with their service and expert advice.

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