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13th Mar 2017

Latest Kitchen Trends; According to the All Seeing, All Knowing Houzz

In case you missed it here is a little overview of the annual Houzz Home Renovating Report.  It is a great synopsis of what we are all having re-vitalised in our homes and which elements are important to us.

One overarching trend has outshone all others over the past 12 months:  kitchens, which have long been solely dedicated to the tasks of cooking and washing up have become the all-singing, all-dancing super-space!

These multi-purpose rooms blur the boundaries of what a kitchen is for. Of those house owners in the midst of renovating, planning to renovate or who’d recently renovated their kitchens, 69% use them for eating and dining in, nearly half for entertaining (48%) and 44% for socialising. Nearly a third use the kitchen as a home office/ study / homework space (32%) making it, truly, the hub of the home.

Accordingly, as the trend for open-plan continues a full tilt, 54% of homeowners are making their kitchens more open to other rooms (and 35% are knocking down walls and opening up completely). With our national love for outdoor living growing, it is no surprise that, post-upgrade, nearly half of renovating homeowners also ensure their kitchens are more open to the garden.

So what makes us decide to change our kitchens? For 42% of renovating homeowners, it’s because we’ve purchased a house and want to make it our own – though for three in 10 it’s simply because we can’t stand our old kitchen any longer! When we do upgrade, we’re not scared to be bold, rearranging the layout (73% of kitchen upgraders), increasing the size (64%) and changing the style (87%). This probably explains why a massive 91% of renovating homeowners consult a professional for kitchen design and structural remodelling advice.

When we do tackle our kitchens, we want the results to last – nearly three-quarters of upgraded kitchens hadn’t previously been updated for over a decade. Perhaps as a result, we still play fairly safe with certain design choices. Renovating homeowners are sticking to trusted classics, such as white cabinets (33% of renovators), with flat-panel (50%) and shaker styles (37%) - all the default choices. Neutral, white and grey walls also reign (45%, 19% and 12% respectively). Many are also happy to invest in quality materials with 23% choosing the higher price bracket granite or engineered composite worktops.

 So here’s the ‘biggy’ - what is our favoured overall kitchen style?

Nearly half of renovating homeowners described their new style as contemporary (48%), with just 12% choosing a country look and 11% traditional. It seems as if minimal white flat panelled contemporary cabinetry is still firmly with us – for now at least.  Whatever your preferred style there is one thing that BarrKitchens can guarantee; your finished, perfect BarrKitchen will truly look like no other. Each BarrKitchen is designed from scratch, around the architecture of the space in which it sits and the individuals who reside there. 

Still not sated? OK…here are some more geeky storage stats for all you kitchen renovators out there. 

Larder Cupboards:  The word ‘pantry’ might sound a bit Downton Abbey, but a walk-in room or closet devoted to dry foods, condiments and tins makes sense – no wonder the Victorians were fans. And they’re back: 12% of renovating UK homeowners investing in built-in features are plumping for a pantry. Another 40% go for larder cupboards – dedicated cabinetry with racks and pull-outs for easy access to groceries.

Kitchen Islands:  Our passion for kitchen islands isn’t going away and 42% of renovating homeowners upgrading their kitchens went for one. This desire seems to reflect our on-going love affair with open-plan As well as providing extra storage, islands are a smart way to visually divide a space. They also encourage sociability, allowing cooks to chat to guests. All this and an extra food prep surface – what’s not to love?

Wine Storage: Do you prefer a cold glass of Savy Blanc or a full-bodied Beaujolais to a beer? Home owners with the capacity in their budget and space in their footprint are increasingly opting for a dedicated wine fridge, with a teeny privileged 2% building in a walk in wine cellar - yes please to dinner at theirs!

Dedicated Electronics:  We’re increasingly using our kitchens as places in which to work and relax. Accordingly, we are increasingly incorporating TVs and comfy seating into our layouts. 7% of renovating homeowners upgrading their kitchens make room for a kitchen desk, while 1 in 20 renovators opt for a dedicated kitchen computer - ideal for a little Netflix-ing whilst stirring the bolognaise.

Whatever your ‘must have’ desire or luxury item the BarrKitchens team can incorporate it into your kitchen design, as part of project managing the sourcing, manufacture, fit and finish of your made to measure kitchen. For no strings attached advice on kitchens design or structural remodelling visit our BarrKitchens Open Day on Saturday 18th M

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