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15th Jun 2016

How many cubes do you take? Ice not sugar!

As with every element of a BarrKitchen, our client’s individual needs are taken into account for each and every aspect of their space. 

Top of the agenda one morning this week was household ice requirements!  Here is an idea of the conversation:

“How many cubes does an ice maker produce in 24 hours?”

“How many people are at the average party?”

“How many cubes of ice do you like in a gin and tonic?”

Those long mornings in the office just fly by!  Views were, in fact, strong and surprisingly differing.

A client had requested a stand alone icemaker with bespoke cabinet housing.  Regular entertaining and a large dining space was to results in higher than average ice requirements. 

We have been experimenting in the office.  Join us for further practice at the BarrKitchens Showroom Open Day on Saturday (18th June 11-3) where we will be celebrating summer with Pimms and nibbles (as well as coffee and cake!)

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