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9th Feb 2018

Give Me Steam – the benefits of a boiling water tap

With technology taking the lead in so many aspects of our lives one trend that has taken the kitchen market by storm is the boiling water tap and it’s easy to see why. As well as looking sleek and stylish, particularly in comparison to a cumbersome kettle and wire cluttering up your worktop, they also offer benefits in terms of water and energy usage. By turning on a hot water tap for cooking or a cup of tea instead of boiling the kettle, you only use the exact amount of water you need and don’t waste energy boiling up more than required. It also saves time; great when you are rushing about first thing in the morning.

Many taps offer more than just boiling water with hot, cold and filtered water, Zip Taps now offer a tap that can also supply sparkling water and is available in 12 finishes.

There may also be health benefits of fitting a boiling tap. As many offer cold filtered drinking water, studies even show that people who own a built in filter tap can drink up to 80% more water than they did previously*.

There are many types of boiling water tap with many brands offering their own version. In a multitude of styles and finishes, each one has their pros, cons and safety features, all far exceeding that of the traditional kettle. Our kitchen designers can advise which one is best to suit your unique project design, working these into both contemporary and traditional kitchen plans and your individual budget.

*Statistic based on a survey of 354 owners of residential-installed Zip HydroTaps.

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