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3rd Oct 2016

Dog Rooms; A Canine Luxury or an Essential for the Functioning of Every Dog Lover's Household

Dog Rooms… a canine indulgence or a functional essential for every dog lover's household?

A built in dog space is nothing new. A traditional Georgian or Victorian dresser often exhibits two lower cupboards with an integral open central space designed for a flour bin, water jug or a favoured household pet.

Over the years we have found all sorts of innovative ways to make co-habiting with our canine friends as comfortable as possible. Ultimately being able to give a dog its own space keeps the majority of dog hair in one place and gives everyone the option of a little human/dog free time. 

Arriving back from a winter dog walk with a wet and muddy mutt is a constant and heart sinking certainty. To walk straight into a back porch or ‘dog space’ equipped with a dog shower is the ultimate pooch lovers’ luxury. Add to this hooks and storage for leads and collars, dog walking wellies, treats, balls and Barbours as well as a cosy built in dog bed and life with your beloved hound will be revolutionised. 

Dog bowls can be attached to the wall in a tucked away space, to save that familiar expletive, as yet another family member sends a spray of Pedigree Complete across the kitchen floor! Likewise food (often required in large quantities) can have innovative storage and serving solutions, keeping it tucked out of the way but easily accessible.

As Rachel, our Barr Group marketing social media guru, puts it “we love Bella (a very gorgeous Pug cross who frequently pops up on the Barr Group instagram), but we don’t want to share our bed with her. Having her own space gives Bella assurance and security, helping her settle when left alone."  This in turn decreases the likelihood of “Rover’ raising the roof and further provoking the neighbor, who had already discovered signs of said mutt in her garden that morning (now on the underside of her best work shoes).

…but what, I hear you say, is wrong with a good old crate and a basket by the back door into which to throw the doggy paraphernalia? Well, apart from the obvious aesthetics lets consider spatial attributes of a crate.

Don’t get me wrong a crate in the boot/ garage is a fantastic back up - but wouldn’t it be heaven to have your utility room back without having to use some kind of extendable arm device to get the washing in and out of the machine. Dog crates can be around a meter square; bigger than your washing machine and only marginally more attractive (and you wouldn’t leave that sitting in the middle of your utility room!).

A built in dog basket, bed or crate gives all of the advantages of the free standing type (aiding house training, limiting destructive behavior and teaching a dog to settle and relax) without the down side of wishing it wasn’t actually there! The possibilities of making your ’dog room’ work for you are limitless. Our clients have shown us that each dog room can have its own character whilst remain in keeping with the rest of the house. We would love to build more bespoke dog spaces - each one different from the next. Talk to our BarrKitchen’s designer Lucy Hillier about your aesthetic and functional canine requirements.

Thank you to Justine and friend in Nettlebed for the inspiration!

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