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9th Nov 2015

BarrKitchens Designer SAMMY FOOT on what is TRULY Bespoke.

Sammy Foot, BarrKitchens designer, trained originally in graphic design, has spent the past two years becoming a CAD-master extraordinaire; taking thoughts, ideas and aesthetic desires and turning them first into initial sketches, then into fully rendered 3D CAD visuals and from there, with a little help from some very skilled craftsmen in the workshop and our amazing fitters, into reality.

Sammy’s forte is understanding the space itself and the client's aesthetic desires and in doing so, creating something truly different. 

'The word bespoke is overused to the point at which it has lost its true meaning - and therefore we try not to use it to describe a BarrKitchen. Even made to measure does not say what a BarrKitchen really is'.

Sammy’s perception of ‘bespoke’ is that “with the freedom to design without constraints anything is possible. Freedom in terms of materials, freedom from standard sizes and limitations in suppliers and workmanship.” …  “The BarrKitchens ethos allows me to design for each individual client's needs and around the architecture and light of the space. It allows me to design without compromise."

High street kitchen companies use the word ‘bespoke' to mean jig-sawed to fit your space - not made for your space. They will freely admit that units come as standard sizes, which are fitted together to make the right set-up for each kitchen. Covered gaps or filler units are then added to make it all work. The downside of this system is that the join lines between each 600mm, 800mm or 1000mm cabinet are visible and therefore the kitchen will never look ‘made to measure’.

Often it is not until you see a truly bespoke kitchen that it becomes obvious how it is designed and constructed as a whole piece of furniture as opposed to a sum of individual units.

Of course a kitchen designed from scratch takes more time and skill at both the design and the manufacture stage and therefore costs more than its jigsawed counterpart. However, for our clients it begins and ends with the beauty of the product and the individuality of the space.

Sammy feels “privileged to have amazing clients to design for - and privileged to be free of constraints to design what really works for each one.”

The BarrKitchens showroom is open from 10-5 Monday to Friday and on Saturdays by appointment only.  Contact us here.



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