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24th Apr 2017

A Place for Everything and Everything in its place

Glorious order, a tidy home is a tidy stress free life, sparking joy as you move and work around your home. This April marks the three year anniversary of Marie Kondo’s international best seller ‘The Life-changing Magic of Tidying: A Simple, Effective Way to Banish Clutter Forever’. In celebration of the ideas found in this book, which we still find ourselves thumbing through, we are taking a look back at a wonderful project that puts these methods into practice creating a place for everything, and everything in its place. This grade II listed farmhouse kitchen received a bespoke transformation with a team effort not just from BarrKitchens, but sister company StuartBarr CDR were also involved in the downstairs renovations, for a truly tailored top to toe service.

Although at first glance this traditional country kitchen may look simple, with its clean lines, classic shaker cabinetry and neutral colour palette. This kitchen was designed to be highly bespoke, to find a place for each and every item in the kitchen, no space left unused, no item left abandoned and cluttering up surfaces, everything in its right place.

For ease of use cabinets included sliding internal runners, meaning appliances can slide straight out with style, no assembly necessary.

As with many older buildings and this one is no different very low ceilings can make the room dark and cabinets difficult to fit, if the cabinets aren’t an exact fit this is the perfect dust trap. Barrkitchens are made to measure and can fit even the most awkward of homes with each one drawn from scratch for each individual project. With LED down lights to bring in much needed illumination onto the reflective worktops, which bounce light back out into this previously dark space.

Renovations were also completed elsewhere in the home including a downstairs bathroom suite, new floors and a garden room to give the entire downstairs a renewal. Keeping the light fresh feel StuartBarr CDR opted to carry the hand painted wall panelling as in the kitchen throughout the entire project.

A really nice addition to this project that at initial look could be missed entirely is this chamfered wall detailing. Used here to open up and frame the corridor, allowing the kitchen to be revealed as you enter the room. This small transition detail creates the illusion of a wide entrance, depth and perspective with interesting shadows and wall contours, an inspired touch.

Original doors were kept throughout to keep with the authentic heritage of the entire building. With each cabinet, cupboard and drawer, sized and built to accommodate the client’s beloved appliances (who doesn’t love or would love their own kitchen aid!) and household items, not a single part of this project was overlooked. Leaving the client, with a functional, beautiful space in keeping with the original architecture of the building although something entirely new, that from the crackled knobs to the bespoke overhead storage is entirely their own. 

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