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23rd Jul 2018

A Dystopian future with enviable kitchens - The Handmaids Tale set design

Freeze Frame of Handmaids Tale Kitchen Full Image

We don’t know about you but at 9 pm every Sunday for the past 10 weeks we have been glued to our televisions watching the fate of our favourite handmaid unravel in the shocking, terrifying and often bleak dystopian of Gilead, as dreamed up by the brilliant Margaret Atwood. 

Freeze Frame of Handmaids Tale Kitchen Oven Area with Copper Pans

While most of the lifestyle of the residents of the conservative nation of Gilead leads MUCH to be desired, we can’t help but get a bit of green-eyed envy over the stunning interiors of their homes. Particularly the beautiful kitchen and informal dining space where a great deal of drama has unravelled in the Waterford household. 

Freeze Frame of Handmaids Tale Kitchen Side on With June and Nick

The combination of the dark green painted shaker style cabinetry (such as Farrow & Balls Studio Green), with rough concrete effect splash backs, deep grey-green walls, high ceilings and decorative mouldings give such a grand feel. The white countertops stand out and offer a fantastic contrast. Wooden plantation shutters painted to match the cabinetry, and a glazed crittall screen provide dramatic lighting and add to the atmosphere of the space.

Shot of the Handmaids Tale kitchens with shutters and June sat at the island

The commander’s wife, Serena loves her garden and her enviable glass greenhouse where she spends much of her time. The kitchen’s never short of an impressive display of perfectly arranged cut flowers and an abundance of greenery, which adds additional pops of colour and depths of green as well another dimension of interesting light and shadow. 

Handmaids Tale Kitchen Crittall Screen featuring NickDespite their return to the Puritan way of life the interiors are opulent and luxurious throughout the commanders home, however, there are no modern appliances, giving a beautiful simplistic look, something you can achieve with good storage and integrated appliances. Kitchenware and utensils are made of copper and brass accenting their dark surroundings, and absolutely on trend for this year.

Handmaids Tale Kitchen Closer up shot of oven and copper accessories

Colour plays a huge symbolic role in the world of The Handmaids Tale with the wives wearing their deep turquoise-green dresses and the iconic red cloaks of the handmaids. The stark contrast against the dark moody hues of the interiors really makes this narrative stand out in the context on the story in addition to serving as fantastic inspiration for your own home if you want to add a bit of drama. 

Cut through to kitchen with Nick & June in front of the screen

With only four episodes left we are on the edge of our seats. Congratulations to production designer Julie Berghoff and team was who have really brought the repressive, theocratic society of Gilead to life. Here’s hoping there are a few more kitchen scenes before the end to gives us even more inspiration! 

Dark Moody shot of entire kitchen from Handmaids Tale

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