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6th Jul 2017

The Timeless Elegance of a Thame Quintessence

Lashlake House in Thame is a project that is a perfect example of what can happen when the whole Barr Group gets together. Whether between StuartBarr CDR and the BarrJoinery team or BarrKitchens Designer Lucy Hillier and interior designer Louise Holt, the results are finished to the highest more

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24th Apr 2017

A Place for Everything and Everything in its place

Glorious order, a tidy home is a tidy stress free life, sparking joy as you move and work around your home. This April marks the three year anniversary of Marie Kondo’s international best seller ‘The Life-changing Magic of Tidying: A Simple, Effective Way to Banish Clutter more

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24th Apr 2017

Thame Community pulling together to raise money for an amazing cause

So what is all the fuss about? Is this event about more than a load of local dads and lads (and lasses) getting together to show Thame what they are made of and to raise a whole lot of cash for an amazing cause? Yes absolutely! In the words of Stuart Gibson, the man behind the event, here is a more

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20th Mar 2017

Springing into Action at Field Farm - A Review of Saturday's Open Day Findings.

Did you miss the BarrKitchens Spring Open Day? Didn’t sample the homemade sausage rolls and fresh coffee? No chance to peruse the sample vision boards and layout plans? Don’t worry - we will fill you in… The early birds took advantage of BarrKitchen’s Designer Lucy more

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13th Mar 2017

Latest Kitchen Trends; According to the All Seeing, All Knowing Houzz

In case you missed it here is a little overview of the annual Houzz Home Renovating Report. It is a great synopsis of what we are all having re-vitalised in our homes and which elements are important to us. One overarching trend has outshone all others over the past 12 months: kitchens, which have more

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30th Jan 2017

Outbuildings: An Alternative Solution for Your Kitchen / Entertaining space.

Do you have an outbuilding, barn or garage within striking distance of your property? We are seeing more and more clients looking to extend their living space by linking existing buildings. Our clients, in a beautiful Oxfordshire village location, had a wealth of outbuildings to utilise. The old more

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6th Dec 2016

"Broken Plan Spaces" as applied to the BarrKitchens Showroom Design. Come and See!

One of the key interior architecture concepts for 2016 was ‘broken plan spaces’. The phrase, coined by eminent UK architect Mary Duggan, suggests that through the use of physical partitions and split-levels, there can be distinct but interlinking ‘rooms’ within the same open more

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3rd Oct 2016

Foodie Heaven on our DoorStep; Thame Food Festival Treats us to a Veritable Feast of Flavours

From chillies to pulled pork, local beers to fine wines, Thame Food Festival is undoubtedly centre of all things foodie in this part of the world. The 2016 festival attracted over 20,000 visitors and the High Street was buzzing with excitement and awash with colour. BarrKitchens are based somewhat more

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3rd Oct 2016

Dog Rooms; A Canine Luxury or an Essential for the Functioning of Every Dog Lover's Household

Dog Rooms… a canine indulgence or a functional essential for every dog lover's household? A built in dog space is nothing new. A traditional Georgian or Victorian dresser often exhibits two lower cupboards with an integral open central space designed for a flour bin, water jug or a favoured more

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18th Jul 2016

Kitchen first please, we've got living to do...

Unlike most renovations, this project, on the Oxfordshire-Buckinghamshire border, started with the kitchen. The clients were a couple with three young children who had bought an old farmhouse that they had hoped would become their long-term family home, with space around it to expand. more

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